Founded in 1960 in Germany, Altensteig-Walddorf covers an area of 50,000 m2 (20,000 m2 covered). Known for Electric Welded Precision Steel Tubes, Altensteig's commitment to surface quality, precision, and reliable service stands as a testament to its dedication to excellence.

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With roots dating back to 1917, Axame has been a part of our Specialty Business Unit since joining ArcelorMittal in 2017. From laser cutting to fabricating metalwork, Axame's capabilities redefine steel possibilities, reflecting innovation and adaptability.

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Founded in 1953, Berrioplano, Spain, is a vital part of our Specialty Business Unit. Tailor-developed special sections, meticulous finishing processes, and a comprehensive range of steel grades and finishing options define Berrioplano's commitment to precision engineering and versatility.

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Located in Northeast Romania, Roman has been synonymous with excellence since 1957. Covering a staggering 749,769 m2 (218,396 m2 covered), Roman specializes in Seamless Pipes, making a mark in industries worldwide. From carbon to low-alloy steel, Roman's products embody quality and durability.