Fully integrated in the ArcelorMittal group, ArcelorMittal Europe - Tubular Products has access to the widest range of automotive steel grades. As a leader in the industry, the company participates in development and trials using the latest ‘next generation’ steels. With access to the full Research and Development resources of the Group, ArcelorMittal Europe - Tubular Products is uniquely positioned to bring new tubular solutions to the automotive market.

New steel solutions analysed successfully:

New steel grades currently under analysis:

  • MartINsite® 1500 for crash applications and battery protection
  • HR-CP650SF for tubes for hydroforming


New components and applications under evaluation:

  • Frames for micromobility
  • Cradles for electrical vehicles
  • Optimized twist beam solutions for electrical vehicles
  • Next generation of lower path crash systems

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