As a key partner for distribution channels, the industrial mills have a long tradition of quality and excellence by setting industry standards for product quality, on-time deliveries, and customer service. Our small welded tubes are manufactured to meet your specific application requirements and possible finishing operations.


Foundations: Our structural tubes provide a solid foundation for various construction projects, ensuring stability and durability.

Offshore Platforms: This market is served by seamless tubes (linked to our Specialty BU) but we also offer welded tubes as an alternative for specific parts, meeting stringent quality and safety requirements.

Civil Engineering: Our tubes play a crucial role in the construction of bridges and architectural structures, providing strength and aesthetic appeal.

Warehouses: Our tubes are utilized in the construction of warehouses, offering efficient and robust storage solutions.


Mechanical Engineering

Yellow goods: Our tubes are used in the manufacturing of components for excavators, diggers, steamrollers.

Cylinders: We provide tubes suitable for cylinders used in various applications, including hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

Machinery/Conveyors: Our tubes are utilized in the construction of machinery and conveyors, offering structural integrity and reliable performance.

Trains, Excavators: We supply tubes for the manufacturing of components in the railway and excavation industries, meeting stringent quality standards



Sprinklers: We provide tubes specifically designed for sprinkler systems, ensuring efficient fire protection in different settings.

HVAC: Our tubes are used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, delivering reliable performance and energy efficiency.

Water & Gas Distribution: Our tubes serve as conduits for various water and gas distribution systems within buildings, towns, and streets.



Fencing: Our tubes are fully adapted in terms of security and durability for fencing applications in fields or stables.

Greenhouses: Our tubes are often the core to the construction of greenhouses, providing structural support and longevity.

Storage: Our tubes are utilized in agricultural storage systems, providing reliable solutions for storing crops and equipment.



Office furniture: We offer precision pipes for the manufacturing of office furniture, covering most needs for a variety of designs.

Radiators: Our tubes are used in the production of radiators, ensuring efficient heat transfer and durability.

Padlocks: We provide precision tubes suitable for manufacturing padlocks, offering security and reliability.

Office Equipment: Our tubes are utilized in various office equipment applications and furniture such as cupboards, racks, etc.

Mining: We provide high quality tubes used as drill rods in mining operations, for better durability and resistance in harsh environments.

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