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Lexy, Rettel and Fresnoy

ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Lexy, Rettel and Fresnoy - Quality & Product Certifications

Certification nameDescription of certificateCertifiation valid untilCertificate provided by
IQNET 9001Quality Management Systems05.2021DQS Holding GmbH
IQNET 18001Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems03.2021DQS Holding GmbH
ISO 9001:2015Quality Management Systems05.2021DQS Holding GmbH
OHSAS 18001:2007Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems03.2021DQS Holding GmbH

  Certificat IQNET_9001
  Certificat IQNET18001
  Certificat ISO_9001_FR
  Certificat ISO_9001_GB
  Certificat OHSAS_18001_FR
  Certificat OHSAS_18001_GB


AMTP Europe is proudly the only French steel tube supplier that has not outsourced its production. All its 6 plants are in France. Manufacturing domestically has many advantages. It is faster. It reduces supply chain costs by avoiding international shipments. It saves time, it reduces CO2 emissions and saves energy. With a fast-paced supply chain, it is easier to adapt to the new market opportunities. It boosts the local economy by using local resources and creating job opportunities in France!

Our launch of Véritube, brings the full breadth of our local activity in France It aims to demonstrate to stakeholders the diverse range of initiatives we are undertaking in pursuit of our developing the French industry, while also providing our customers with solutions which help them to address their own CO2 reduction emissions, demonstrating the important role steel has to play in a future.

Check out our launch video and brochure!

  Véritube Brochure