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Industrial Business Unit - Small Welded

Production facilities

Karviná - Czech Republic

ArcelorMittal Karvina (Czech Republic) has a long tradition of producing longitudinal welded products for industrial applications. Located in the eastern Czech province of Moravia, it is well positioned for distribution to Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland as well as Northern and Western Europe. 


Kraków - Poland

ArcelorMittal Krakow (Poland) produces longitudinal welded products for industrial applications including construction, water distribution and scaffolding. Our location in the southern province of Maloposki ensures reliable distribution throughout Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Denmark, the Baltic States, and Western Europe. 

AMTP Kraków has signed an contract with the National Center for Research and Development for co-financing the R&D project:
Manufacturing innovative products on a hybrid technological line for producing black and metallic coated tubes with simultaneous tightening of dimensional tolerances, using a flux leakage method for qualitative testing as part of the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020 - number: 2 / 1.1.1 / 2018 - Project no .: POIR: 01.01.01-00-0510 / 18;


Iasi - Romania

ArcelorMittal Iasi is the largest producer of longitudinal welded steel tubes in Romania and the nation’s leading producer of industrial tubes. From our location in the east of the country, we can easily distribute products throughout Romania and neighbouring countries as well as Northern and Western Europe.


Lexy - France

ArcelorMittal Lexy with its two sites in Lexy and Rettel, located in the Lorraine region in Western France, is the largest French producer of welded cold formed and hot finished tubes. Its complete dimensional range and acknowledged quality makes it an ideal supplier of all kindes of structural tubes for stockholders as well as for most demanding construction projects all over Europe.


Fresnoy - France

ArcelorMittal Fresnoy is located in the north of France close to the automotive center of Valencienne and has more than 70 years of tradition in the production of steel tubes. Today’s range includes precision steel tubes for automotive as well as industrial applications. It is a center of excellence for Magnelis®, sendzimir galvanized and aluminized tubes.


Socova - France

ArcelorMittal Socova is located in Sénas, in the south-eastern part of France. Socova is specialized in the production of Cold Formed Welded Hollow Sections and supplies mainly France and the Benelux countries.


Salerno - Italy

ArcelorMittal Salerno is located near Naples, a favorable location to supply the south of Italy and to ship by sea thanks to the nearby commercial harbor. Salerno is specialized in the production of Cold-Formed Welded Structural Profiles as well as specific tubes for scaffolding and greenhouse. It produces tubes from black, galvanized and pickled steel coils.


Racconigi - Italy

ArcelorMittal Racconigi is located is in Cuneo province of Italy. The west side of the Piemonte region is an ideal location to supply all the foreign markets, above all France and North Europe. Racconigi's reputation and expertise lies in the manufacturing of Cold-Formed Structural Hollow Sections as well as pickled and sendzimir galnavized welded tubes.



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