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Steel tubing has been proven to contribute to lower costs, advanced safety and reduction of overall mass in the production of automotive components like chassis parts, schock absorbers, suspension arms, seats and instrument panel beams.


Firstly, the use of tubes helps in reducing the number of welds and thereby saves time and money on key manufacturing processes. Secondly, tubes can help improve the strength of the structure, thus support the safety performance. And thirdly the relative weight of tubes in combination with the optimized number of joints reduces vehicle weight, which will contribute to lower CO2 emissions.

To optimize the product we make use of all technical and economic potential of the entire process chain. The combined knowledge of our people ranges from steel making to the manufacturing of the final tubular product for the vehicle application.

With a number of companies specializing in the supply of tubes and the manufacturing of components and sub-assemblies for the automotive industry, ArcelorMittal is a just-in-time supplier of tubes and components to leading car makers and parts suppliers. Backed by extensive design resources and specific testing installations, these companies can design novel solutions based on functional plans.

Wide ranges of longitudinally welded tubes are available to the automotive industry. The tubes can be given precise dimensions in a cold drawing or cold sizing process. In the cold drawn range both welded and seamless tubes are available.  The surface is suitable for chromium plating, galvanizing, and color coating. These tubular products are available as round tubes or as profiles (e.g. square, rectangular, oval or hexagonal).