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Automotive Business Unit

Production facilities

France - Hautmont

Located in the North of France close to Maubeuge, ArcelorMittal Hautmont was built at the beginning of the 20th century. The production of cold sized, welded precision tubes benefits from our decades of experience on this site. ArcelorMittal Hautmont produces tubes with outside diameters ranging from 20 to 135mm and with wall thicknesses from 0.9 to 6.0mm. In addition to standard low carbon steel grades, the mill produces high-strength lowalloy (HSLA), Dual Phase, and (Trip) advanced high strength steel (AHSS) grades. Hautmont specialises in the production of tubes with lighter and heavier wall-to-diameter ratios. Today, the plant is dedicated to meeting tube demand from the automotive industry. Our tubes are used in numerous applications including suspension systems, the body inwhite (BIW), engine tubing, and drive train systems.

France – Chevillon

ArcelorMittal Chevillon is located in the Marne Valley of North-Eastern France. The mill produces tubes with outside diameters between 10 and 55mm and wall thicknesses between 0.6 and 3.0mm. In addition to standard, low-carbon steel grades, the mill also produces HSLA and Dual Phase steel tubes. Production is aimed predominantly at the automotive market. Welded precision tubes from ArcelorMittal Chevillon are used to manufacture seats, instrument panel beams, crash components, filler pipes, engine cradles, reinforcement components and shock absorbers.

France – Vitry le François

ArcelorMittal Vitry-le-François is a major supplier of tubular automotive chassis parts. These include tubular rear cross parts for beam axles, crash management parts. The core business is design, development and production of components which meet the high quality standards required by the automotive industry. Thanks to a combination of expertise in steel, tubes, cold forming and simulating material behaviour, ArcelorMittal Vitry-le François has been successful in designing innovative and cost efficient tubular automotive products. This work is carried out in close co-operation with our customers who appreciate our ability to simulate product and process behaviour based on real tubular materials.

France - Fresnoy

ArcelorMittal Fresnoy is located in the north of France close to the automotive center of Valencienne and has more than 70 years of tradition in the production of steel tubes. Today’s range includes precision steel tubes for automotive as well as industrial applications. It is a center of excellence for Magnelis®, sendzimir galvanized and aluminized tubes.

Czech Republic – Karviná

ArcelorMittal Karviná has a long tradition of producing longitudinal welded products for the mechanical industry. Located in the Eastern Czech province of Moravia, the mill is convenient to customers based in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, as well as Northern and Western Europe. Facilities include tube high frequency (HF) welding mills, annealing furnaces, cold-drawing benches and cutting and chamfering machines. For tube-making, we make use of a hot stretch reduced process, which gives the product homogenous properties. We also make tubular products on cold sizing lines within narrow tolerances.

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