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Large Welded Business Unit

Production program

Large Welded Pipes

Galati - Longitudinal SAW

API 5L / ISO3183

L245/B to L485/X70 (PSL1)

L245N/BN to L415N/X60N (PSL2)

L245M/BM to L485M/X70M (PSL2)

L245NS/BNS to L360NS/X52NS (PSL2) Annex H/Sour Service

L245MS/BMS to L485MS/X70MS (PSL2) Annex H/Sour Service

L245NO/BNO to L360NO/X52NO (PSL2) Annex J/Offshore

L245MO/BMO to L485MO/X70OMO (PSL2)

ISO3183 Annex M

BNE/L245NE to X60NE/L415NE

BME/L245ME to X70ME/L485 ME

DIN 1626ST37.0; ST44.O; ST52.0
GOST 10706St 3sp
A134A; B; C
A671/A671MCB 60; CB65; CB70; CC60; CC65; CC70
A672/A672MA45; A50; B60; B65; B70; C55; C60; C65; C70
EN 10224L235; L275; L355
EN 10217-3P275NL1/P275NL2/P355N/P355NH/P355NL1/P355NL2
EN 10217-1P195/P235/P265 TR1 & TR2
EN 10217-5P235GH/P265GH TC1 & TC2
EN 10219-1S235JRH/S275JOH/S275J2H/S355JOH/S355J2H
EN 10225S355 G2 6 G10

The cement lining of spiral welded pipes is suitable for drinkng water in accordance with requirements of DVGW in Germany.

Note: outside PE coating acc. to ISO standard supplied by prior agreement