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    Who we are

    ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Europe is one of the most diversified producers of pipes and tubes, servicing diverse markets including energy, construction, engineering and automotive.

    Our philosophy

    Since 2014, we have beeen creating a dynamic, multicultural and diversified team with technical knowledge and customer-orientation.

    September 2015 reorganization has boosted our cohesion, entreprenarial team spirit, and leadership at all levels. 

    Our greatest source of pride is the great level of commitment shown by our people to deliver to our customers:

    • Serve our customers by creating unique and efficient solutions that enhance their competitiveness
    • Create competitiveness through enhanced functionality and superior quality
    • Ensure lowest possible cost in manufacturing and delivery to customers

    For us, being customer-oriented, also means that we take care of our people. Safety is therefore a priority for us.

      Check out our Corporate website for more information !