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    ArcelorMittal Europe Tubular Products

    Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

    An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) is an independently verified and registered document that communicates transparent information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products. EPDs are based on a Life Cycle Assessment and follow the standard ISO 14025. EPDs are widely used in the construction sector. In Europe, the European Committee for Standardisation has published EN 15804, which defines the “Core rules for the product category of construction products”.

    An EPD can be used to perform whole building LCAs (according to EN 15978) or to compare different functionally equivalent products (according to EN 15804). Additionally EPDs are relevant for Green Public Procurement and different types of sustainability certifications/rating schemes for both companies (e.g. BES6001) and buildings (e.g. LEEDBREEAMDGNB).

    ​Our EPDs are independently verified by a certified third party verifier and global recognition is ensured by being part of ECO-platform.

      ArcelorMittal EPD - Hot Rolled Coils, EN
      ArcelorMittal EPD - XCarb Recycled and Renewably Produced Hot Rolled Coils, EN
      ArcelorMittal EPD - Welded Steel Pipes, EN
      ArcelorMittal EPD - Hollow Structural Sections, EN
      ArcelorMittal EPD - Seamless Pipes, EN


      ArcelorMittal TitanThermic, 2022, EN
      ArcelorMittal Magnelis for Tubes, 2020, EN
      ArcelorMittal Véritube, 2020, FR
      ArcelorMittal Lexy Vincey, 2020, EN
      ArcelorMittal Hot-finished Structural Hollow Sections, 2020, EN
      ArcelorMittal Hot-Finished Structural Hollow Sections, 2020, DE

    Product sheets

      ArcelorMittal Altensteig - 10305-10219, V4, EN
      ArcelorMittal Fresnoy - 10219, V3, EN
      ArcelorMittal Fresnoy - 10305, V3, EN
      ArcelorMittal Hautmont - 10305, V1, EN
      ArcelorMittal Iasi - 10217-10255, V4, EN
      ArcelorMittal Iasi - 10219-10305, V4, EN
      ArcelorMittal Karvina - 10210, V3, EN
      ArcelorMittal Karvina - 10219, V3, EN
      ArcelorMittal Karvina - 10224-10217-10255, V5, EN
      ArcelorMittal Karvina - 10305, V4, EN
      ArcelorMittal Krakow - 10210, V6, EN
      ArcelorMittal Krakow - ASTM A53-EN39, V3, EN
      ArcelorMittal Krakow - EN10217-10255-10224, V4, EN
      ArcelorMittal Krakow - EN10240-10296, V4, EN
      ArcelorMittal Legutio - EN10219, V2, EN
      ArcelorMittal Legutio - EN10305-10255, V2, EN
      ArcelorMittal Lexy - 10210, V4, EN
      ArcelorMittal Lexy - 10217-10255, V3, EN
      ArcelorMittal Lexy - 10219, V3, EN
      ArcelorMittal Rettel - 10210, V6, EN
      ArcelorMittal Rettel - 10219, V3, EN
      ArcelorMittal Roman - V4, EN
      ArcelorMittal Zalain - 10305, V1, EN

    General Conditions of Sale

      General Conditions of Sale, February 2012, EN
      General Conditions of Sale, February 2012, ES
      General Conditions of Sale, February 2012, FR
      General Conditions of Sale, February 2012, PL
      General Conditions of Sale, February 2012, CZ
      General Conditions of Sale, February 2012, DE
      General Conditions of Sale, February 2012, RO