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VÉRITUBE! A new brand for ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Europe

December 9th, 2020

ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Europe is glad to announce its latest brand “Véritube”. Local production, positive environmental impact, consumer proximity. These are not the only reasons why this French brand is a winner.


First of all, AMTP Europe is proudly the only French steel tube supplier that has not outsourced its production. All its 6 plants are in France. Manufacturing domestically has many advantages. It is faster. It reduces supply chain costs by avoiding international shipments. It saves time and strengthens customer relationship. It reduces CO2 emissions and saves energy.

With a fast-paced supply chain, it is easier to adapt to the new market opportunities. It boosts the local economy by using local resources and creating job opportunities. Taxes are paid locally, and communities are supported directly by local industrial activity. More flexibility to customer requests guaranteed due to the proximity.

Market studies prove that 70% of the French population would rather buy locally manufactured products. This is why local manufacturing is a tremendous opportunity. Least but not last, over the past few decades, we have seen Chinese and other imports at the heart of global supply chains. But as the COVID-19 outbreak has struck global economies and health systems, governments are now reflecting on their economic models, especially when it comes to international outsourced production. A strategic move could be focalizing the efforts on the domestic supply chain to avoid the interruption of trade flows and ensure supply.

It is time to embrace new ways….  – to a more sustainable, fairer, local, and healthier world. With more than 12 plants located in Europe, AMTP Europe offers its customers proximity and its commitment to contributing to its grain of sand to a safer and stronger economic local landscape.

Download the Véritube Brochure!