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Tubular Products Vitry wins the 2020 performance trophy of the “Vehicle of the Future” association

September 22nd, 2020

Due to the current health situation, the 2020 performance awards of PerfoEST and the Vehicle of the Future association were awarded during a 100% digital meeting. These awards, which reward a process of continuous improvement for the benefit of automotive equipment manufacturers, traditionally go hand in hand with the annual performance barometer, the benchmark for the competitiveness of automotive companies.

Tubular Products Vitry was awarded in the large corporate groups category for their continuous improvement processes. “The monitoring of operational indicators with ambitious objectives leads to annual preventive and curative action plan in the event of a deviation,” explains Didier Boutter, director of Tubular Products Vitry. With this methodology, they can tackle the evolutions that are emerging.

The continuous improvement valued by the annual trophies is essential for automotive suppliers to maintain their markets. This is why the “Association of the Vehicle of the Future”, which today has 500 members in the North-East of France, issue an industrial performance barometer every year. This indicator serves to measure the competitiveness of companies in the automotive sector, also allows members to compare themselves and identify areas for improvement.


Watch the Tubular Products video presented during the event here!